We Love Our Customers!

Our success is due to referrals and continued business from repeat customers. We absolutely love our customers! We're committed to providing the best possible experience for our customers. We're not happy until they're happy.
"Hi. My wife, Michelle, just wanted to thank Nick for his hard work on our loan in 2012. We have an investment property and different jobs, both of which contributed to our having tax returns significantly involved, and an intricate situation. But we got it done, and saved over $300 per month on our -payments!"
Ruben Benegas
"I live in a townhome, and it is not worth what I paid in 2007, that's for sure! We had some issues, too, to work out with underwriting our loan, but we were able to finish this process and come out ahead several hundred dollars a month. I was so impressed with MNHF that I have given their recommendation to several of our friends who are looking for homes now."
Clement Abagio
"My name is John, and we had a townhome that we bought back near the peak of the market, and we know those homes took the biggest hit in the housing crash. We were able, with the help we got at MNHF, to get the best service throughout the process, and were able to save enough money to help with our other finances. We have recommended Nick and his staff to several of our friends for help."
John Howlett
"My name is Sofia, and Nick was able to work with me on my townhome last year, and save me a lot of money on my payments, even though I was "upside down" on the house at the time, and didn't know how we could do this without even an appraisal. I have a single income and the work he and his team did for me really makes a difference!"
Sofia Fodor
"I'm Leroy, and my wife Judy and I had our hands full with Bank of America, our old lender. We were having all kinds of issues with them due to a loan modification and different liens on our title work, etc. The team at MInnesota Home Financial, LLC were able to work with them, and get out situation worked out in a very beneficial way going forward, saving over $400 a month. I was looking for a local lender that would off "hands-on" customer service that would help us save money on our payments. That place was MN Home Financial. We were used to dealing with Wells Fargo, and getting run through the system like a number. That was not our experience on our refinance. Nick and his staff are conveniently located in Roseville, and they were able to always work around OUR schedule, not theirs. When we had to visit their offices, even after the initial appointment, there was always someone available to help out."
Leroy and Judy Coyne
"We had the most complicated finances when we met with Nick, and Minnesota Home Financial. It took several months to put together a structure of them, and a plan for my wife, Louise , and I. But throughout the process, we always were able to overcome any issue, and get answers to our questions. In the end, we saved over $1,000 per month on our home finance budget, and it was the best thing financially we have ever done!"
Larry and Louise Nesbitt
"My husband, Gary, is a U.S. veteran, and we had really struggled with some of our bills, with skyrocketing premiums, business debts, etc. In addition, we had a mortgage rate on our first mortgage over 6%, and nearly double digits on a 2nd, and 3rd, mortgage. Minnesota Home Financial was able to consolidate all three of these loans into one, lower payment, saving us nearly $1,000 per month. The following year, rates dropped a bit more, and we saved another $200 per month on just that one payment. Our dealings with Minnesota Home Financial has truly been life-changing. Thank you."
Paula and Gary Graham